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Enzo Guest House is a perfect for backyard settings, country homes, and seaside cottages.

It represents a premier model that encompasses a wide range of features.


  • Product / Model : Enzo Guest House

  • Area : 28.43 sq. m / 306 sq. ft.

  • Wall Thickness : 36 mm Russian Red Pine Wood

  • Roof Thickness : 21.5 mm Russian Red Pine Wood

  • Toilet Doors : Wooden

  • Main Door : Wooden with Clear Polycarbonate

  • Window : Wooden

  • Fixed Glass : 4mm Clear Polycarbonate

  • Ventilator : Wooden

PRE-FAB Structure


The walls are all locked with wood to wood interlocking technique, the doors are socketed to the structure, the roof planks are nailed to the beams and Onduline Sheets (made of cellulose fibre) screwed to the roofing planks.

Walls: Prefab structure with 36mm Red Pine wood walls as per the floor plan.

Doors, Windows & Glass: Main Door : Wooden with Polycarbonate Clear Glass, Washroom Door : Wood, Window with Aluminum Sliding.

Tools Used:


  1. Plan 1 – Plan.
  2. Plan 2 – DIY Assembling Plan
  3. Plan 3 – Electrical Plan
  4. Plan 4 – Plumbing Plan
  5. Assembling Manual

Packing List

  1. T-shirts
  2. Gloves

Roof Composition: 20mm wooden Roof with 4mm silver reflective insulator and Onduline sheet (made of cellulose fiber that have been impregnated with bitumen).

Hardware: Rubber mallets, hammer, screw driver and Nails

Exterior Finish: (Application scope of Client).

(Providing of Materials)

  • Wood Coat primer (quantity for 2 coats),
  • Weatherproof / UV Exterior Emulsion paint quantity for 2 coats),
  • 1 Set of Brush
  • 1 set of Roller
  • Sandpapers of different grades

Interior Finish:

(Providing of Materials)

  • Water base clear coat (quantity for 3 coats)
  • 1 set of brush
  • 1 set of rollers
  • Sandpapers of different grades (Application scope of Client).

Installation: The DIY (do it yourself) Set, includes a easy to assemble manual and is easier than the Lego Toy. 24hours WhatsApp support.

Furniture and Soft furnishing: Buyer scope.

Freight: At Actuals (Buyers scope)

Enzo - India's First DIY Space

Wooden Homes India is launching its first ENZO DIY Space. This is a concept where one can assemble their own space for oneself.

These spaces are smartly designed and one can customize their space with minimum alteration, change of orientation or build an extension.

The Enzo model is sold with 5 different Add-Ons:
a. Base frame with cement board flooring / wooden flooring as an option.
b. Smart Automation
c. Sanitary ware
d. Weatherproof Treatment
e. Furniture


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